Frequently Asked Questions

Products & Services

Do you promote the video/graphical abstracts?

We do! We offer social sharing through our media channels so that your research is positioned to make a splash from the start. For no extra cost!

What are your qualifications?

Our PhD-trained science communicators work side by side with professional designers and animators to empower scientists to change the world by communicating in an effective and accessible way.

How long should my video abstract be?

We recommend < 3 minutes, and our standard length is 90-seconds. A video abstract is not intended to replace your paper, rather to draw attention to it. Short videos work well for this. Of course, if you require a longer video, we can do this too.

Do your services include non-English languages?

All products are created in English, but we provided non-English options as added extras. Our static graphics are available in multiple languages. Our videos are available to be narrated in multiple different languages. We can also include English captions or non-English subtitles on any of our videos, in the following languages: Arabic Chinese Czech Dutch French German Hindi Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish Don’t see the language you need? Just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do

What extras can I get?

We offer a number of extras for our graphics and videos services. These include:

  • Non-English language options
  • High-resolution still-images of each scene of your video
Is there something else you need? Just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do

Can you include captions on my video?

That’s a great idea. 80-90 % of videos viewed on social media are played with the sound muted. We can provide English captions or non-English subtitles for a small additional cost.

Do you make PowerPoint slides?

Killer slides make your presentation engaging and memorable. We have plenty of experience with this. This service falls under our ‘custom graphics’ section. Go to Contact form

Can I choose the narrator’s voice?

Absolutely. We offer a variety of male and female voices with USA, UK and Australian accents. Need a different accent or language? We might be able to help you with that too, Just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do

Production Process

Who designs the artwork and animates the video?

While the concepts are created by a science communicator, the illustrations and animations are created by our professional designers. You can see our beautiful faces on the about page.

What is the process?

Your research is well on its way to more citations, a healthy boost in metrics, and maybe even onto newsstands around the world. Questionnaire Effortlessly tell us the story of your paper with our guided questionnaire. This speeds up the process and ensures that you remain in control over the way your research is portrayed. Concept Our team breathes life into your research by writing a script for animation, or sketching out your graphical abstract for your approval.

Storyboard (animation only) We give you a scene-by-scene preview of our ideas to turn your approved script into a compelling animation. Illustration/video production Sit back and relax as we work our magic in turning your complex science into a beautiful visual that you’ll be proud to share with the world. Graphical Abstract Production Process Customers that choose our custom animations will start with a strategy session instead of the questionnaire.

How long will it take?

We’ll get started on your graphic or video from the moment we receive your questionnaire* answers. Assuming rapid revisions and approvals on your end (<48h), production time is typically: 1-2 weeks for graphical abstracts 3-4 weeks for scientific posters 3-4 weeks for video abstracts 3-6 weeks for custom graphics and animations Customers that choose our custom animations will start with a strategy session instead of the questionnaire.

How much control will I have over the process?

You’ll be in the driving seat the entire time. Following each stage of the production process, you’ll need to review the work and give you approval. We wont progress to the next stage of production until you sign-off on the previous stage.

You allow multiple stages of revision during the process - but what if I want more?

We’re confident that our usual revision schedule will be sufficient. But if you would like more revisions, we can do that. Additional revisions are billed by the hour at $75 USD/hr.

How much do I have to do during production?

Once you fill in our questionnaire, we take it from there. You’ll need to give us approval at the concept/storyboard and illustration/video production stages. But otherwise, you can relax - you’ll be in good hands.

What if I want to change something after my product is finished?

No worries. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with your final product, as you will have multiple rounds of revision along the way. But, if you’d like to make further changes to your product after the process is complete, we can do that. Additional revisions are billed by the hour at $75 USD/hr.

Does it matter that we are not in the same country?

This is totally normal. While we love it when our local clients pop in to say hello, our entire process is online anyway. We use an easy-to-use client portal to efficiently communicate with you and share our progress. You can review our work, make comments and ask questions on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own computer, phone or tablet. We are very responsive to your emails, and always happy to chat via Zoom or Skype etc.

Licensing & Confidentiality

What license covers the graphical and video abstracts?

Don’t worry, you’re covered. All of our products are licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution, No Derivatives by default. This means you and anyone else are free to share, copy, and redistribute your video or graphical abstract in any medium, as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Attribution is given to the paper (title, authors, journal, year, DOI), and to www.animateyour.science
  2. The product is not modified in any way​
If you need a whitelabeled product and full copyright ownership that's ok too, a small fee applies in that case.

Will you keep my work confidential?

Absolutely! Your project remains top secret until the embargo is lifted. And you choose the date and time you want to release your animated research to the world.

Pricing & Payment

What payment methods do you take?

We accept payment by Credit Card, PayPal and Bank transfers. While we do accept purchase orders, we highly encourage instant payment (using the options above) for a more streamlined process and much faster turnaround time.

Can I buy multiple videos or graphics at the same time?

Absolutely. However the best way to do this is to talk to us directly. For bulk orders, please email us at contact@animate-science.com.

Will there be other costs?

There will be no unexpected costs. Everything you need will be agreed upfront. However, if you would like to purchase extras once the process has started, you can do so. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with your final product, as you will have multiple rounds of revision along the way. However, if you would like us to additional changes/revisions we can do so, but these are billed by the hour at $75 USD/hr.

Do I have to pay in US dollar?

Our prices are listed in US dollar but our online payment system supports many currencies. However, you may be charged a conversion fee by your financial institution. Please check with your institution if you are unsure. If you prefer, you can also elect to be invoiced in Euros or Australian dollars.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We’d be happy to discuss this. Please email us to get the conversation started.

Can we discuss a partnership?

Absolutely, we are all ears! Please fill in our contact form to get the conversation started.